Friday, February 10, 2006

What's Bad and Good in Wrestling Right Now?

What's Bad?

I'm continuing to promote wrestling, but there have been a couple of set backs as of late...hopefully only temporarily! Slippery Rock (PA) University dropped eight sports – c’mon, that’s unheard of! In wrestling this is one of the areas in the whole country that our sport is the most popular. The president of USA Wrestling, who deals with WORLD wrestling (150 countries), is a 2x NCAA Champion, World Champion and Olympic Medalist is a graduate of Slippery Rock!. Of course, this is Stan Dziedzic. You take the wrestling away from Slippery Rock and its identity and exposure goes backward. That’s not good!

The second negative issue deals with the athletic “interest survey” that helps Colleges and Universities know when they have and are meeting people’s interests on college campuses. This survey is in effect and some are trying to take it away. With the way interpretations are being used to meet guidelines, the interest survey is good when done properly.

We can’t stop looking over our shoulder, for someone is there at all times and sometimes they are out at all cost! Enough of that bull!

What’s Good?

Todd Connors new wrestling show – Wrestling in Iowa premiered Sunday, Jan. 5 for 30 minutes on PAX-TV. He has two more shows in March and April.

Waterloo, Iowa is continuing to step up to move the Newton Wrestling Museum to further enhance our sport and its history for the future.

The NCAA Wrestling Championship race is widening with Oklahoma State no longer the lead runner. With the championships in Oklahoma City, things are beginning to look interesting.

A candidate for the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mark Leonard is a former wrestler who met with me recently. I was impressed with our visit.

US athletes dominated the Dave Schultz International tournament recently. What’s up with that and why do our performances change when we go overseas? I have my opinions.


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