Monday, January 09, 2006

A Day of Wrestling – Sat. Jan. 7

Started off visiting my H.S. Alma Mater – West Waterloo where a tournament (Wahawk, Dan Gable Tournament) was going on in full steam with 10 good teams. Athletic Director Jeff Frost was busy making this event a good one. Visited with Coach Bob Siddens (my coach from high school as well as many others who gave him all the credit. He still holds the records!

Next I was off to Cornell College in Mt. Vernon where Takedown Radio (Scott Casber) was broadcasting the tournament. Good wrestling going on and I think Cornell might have won its own tournament for the first time in its 28-year history (UPDATE – unfortunately, Cornell finished 2nd behind St. John’s University of Minnesota).

Ended up back home in I.C. doing the IPTV broadcast of the Iowa – Oklahoma State dual. Quite a dual - - both coaches should have learned a lot based on what I witnessed!

The coaches must thank the official (Mike Exline) for making this event a good showcase. Why? Because he kept the matches moving forward at all time, which gave both coaches a chance to observe situations usually not witnessed. Lots of time to adjust or to make improvements, but these ‘spectacles" usually don’t happen, so it was a pretty good environment.

FILA (international wrestling) should take notice for it’s amazing what stalling calls can do to bring out the best or the worst in someone.

Next – onto Vermont, Oshkosh, and UNI for the National Duals.


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