Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pushing 40 Midlands

That’s about how many I have attended…and they just don’t get old! Ken Kraft keeps making them interesting and noteworthy. New categories of Fame and other exciting events take place annually. This year Kyle Maynard and Mike Chapman had new books they were signing and offering before the semis. I attended as well with my Coaching Wrestling Successfully book. Kyle’s book No Excuses is great reading for anyone and Mike’s book Wrestling Tough gives great insight into many great performers in several sports, but a lot with wrestling.

The Midland’s wrestling was good and especially the finals matches at 141 and 157. What was intriguing was both winners here seemed to get out-wrestled, but both found a way to win, one way or another. Congratulations to Illinois and Central Michigan for finishing 1 & 2. Many teams were without some of their top performers, but like Kyle Maynard’s book, No Excuses, not having top performers is not a factor and if it is -- then it’s an excuse and remember there are no excuses! Better luck next time, but I don’t believe in luck…so forget that as well.

Anyway, part of peaking is having everyone ready and that’s yet to come, so obviously the best is yet to happen! That’s for ALL, unless one peaks too early, but there are too many good coaches out there to let this happen. It should be a battle and that will make many excited, yet only a few will be happy.


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