Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 8-9 Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

This was a trip to promote a wrestling tournament (Midwest Nationals sponsored by State Farm Insurance). The main person responsible for this event is Mike Monahan, another loyal and passionate wrestling individual. State Farm is headed by another former wrestler – Ed Rust. The night before the tourney a group of 100+ very interested people gathered for an evening of conversation (of course, the main topic was wrestling), food and drink. This was so enjoyable and this group, including Midlands Wrestling Tourney boss Ken Kraft, talked about bringing college wrestling back to the Bloomington-Normal area at Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan. Two past meaningful programs have be eliminated there and are badly needed to restore the opportunity for youth to be able to participate in college programs. This is especially true in Illinois where the participation numbers are high at the youth and high school levels.

This was a great start to a summer full of road trips for myself. Joining me was 2005 World Team Coach Mike Duroe. Thank you to Mike Monahan, Ed Rust, Ken Kraft and others involved!

Next up, Raleigh, NC


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