Tuesday, June 21, 2005

USA World Team Trials – Mostly a Chess Match

Not since the 1970 World Championships have I noticed wrestling being mostly a “chess match” Strategies and tactics are the rule instead of good offensive, combative wrestling while using good strategies and tactics along the way. Two exceptions were Sam Henson and Daniel Cormier. Yes, they were using specific tactics and skills, but ones that were constant, offensive, and physical.

The biggest clarification needs to be on the mat edge where a simple continuation of wrestling needs to take place. Who steps out first should not be the factor. Instead, the look should be for potential scoring moves as well as fleeing. Even getting pushed out is okay if an opponent is not circling back on. A simple step out is not a good rule and if anything, go to at least two feet out when fleeing out, not wrestling out! Common sense and the understanding of the sport is needed here.

Defensive tactics need to be learned, but should only be used in rare instances, then mostly for scoring, or to eliminate unnecessary risks at the end of the match. These defensive tactics are to be distinguished from stalling or fleeing.

Plenty of excitement in wrestling is possible if good rules are in place. Right now it will be very difficult to get the athletes to perform the techniques and excitement through intensity based on the current rules.


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